IPR Management

UI and UX Research and Design

"Redesign an existing IPR Management Tool from a UX perspective"

A tech company approached us with an existing product and asked us to re-evaluate and redesign is from current UI and UX perspective.

The Challenge

The legal and tech domain has some very heavy terminology that needs to be translated into visual simplicity. Coming up with an interface that was crips, clean and allowed a lot of room for content was the prime challenge in this project.

The second challenge was to figure out all the parameters and case scenarios that different users will engage in and design sub tools within the program accordingly.


We started by pulling apart the existing tool and listing out features, functions and results. This allowed us to understand the intricacies of the product and all the permutations and combination so possible inputs and outputs of the data. .


The visual direction was ruled by the brand colours of the company and the crisp and clean corporate feel of the entire product. Because the tool is content heavy, it had to have a lot of white space, tabs and submenus, places where things can hide and pop out right when you need them to work. .

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