Management Tool

User Interface and Experience Design

"Rethinking an existing Compliance Management Tool for current design trends"

A tech company developed a compliance management tool for their clients. After consistent client feedback, they decided to go for a facelift for the product. The product needed to be on par with the current UI/UX design and function trends. .


After consistent feedback, the parent company decided to redesign their existing compliance management tool offering and bring it to current UI / UX design standards. The challenge in this project was to consolidate all content, functions, data, output and make it look visually appealing.
At the end of the project, our client was given a visually sound, UX driven interface and all the visual assets to further develop the tool in the same style.


The entire visual language was driven by the older product colours and themes. Text, graphics and nav bars were upgraded based on current trends. Data and graphics are updated using brighter colours and cleaner design styles.

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