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Qualitative Analysis for Product Validation

"Design end-to-end branding for a New Brand under Rahul Enterprises"

Rahul Enterprises is an established B2B Grocery Service Provider
in HORECAindustry. They wanted to launch a new brand under
the Rahul Enterprises umbrella. The aim of the new brand is to
attract newer clients,establish trust
and carry forward 25 years of
that Rahul Enterprises had already established in tha industry

The Challenge

To build on the existing brand image and make something new from it was the key challenge. In this case, Rahul Enterprises has a set base customer and regular clientele. The objectives were clear.

  • Coin a new brand name
  • Build a brand identity that is young and energetic
  • Design collaterals and digital tools to support activity
  • Cash in on the reputation that the parent company has built
    for itself and explore new markets and clients
  • Have a strong digital presence and create a buzz


The brand needed a name that was easily recognizable and would immediately convey the services to their clients. Humanizing the brand name and improving the recall value was the first step in the process.


Deciding the visual direction was key to this case Study. It would drive the entire campaign for creating the buzz about this new brand and help it attain a strong position at the launch. Bright bold colours, strong typography, geometric and clean modern shapes and lot of negative spaces were the driving factors behind the visual elements in this case.


Along with strong branding and collaterals, digital prescence was another medium that needed strengthening. We developed a responsive website and a brand guidebook to drive all future design decisions.

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